"Welcome to Strategy and Impact team"

Are you ready to make an impact?

My name is Tricia Boahene and I am the Head of Service for Strategy and Impact.

We’re a varied service that works collaboratively across our Council, with residents and external partners, driven by our vision of a better future for – and with – everyone who calls our borough home.

My service provides expert strategy, policy, public affairs and insight to enable the Council and partners to achieve our key strategic outcomes by making timely, evidence-based strategic decisions.

Over the last year, we listened to thousands of residents, who told us what they love about Southwark and what they’d like to change. Their feedback has helped us to develop a vision of what our borough will be like in 2030. Now I am building a team to make the Southwark 2030 vision a reality. And I know we can achieve it, if we make the most of our greatest strength: the power of our people.

That’s why I’m recruiting to a range of critical roles. Together, we can make a significant impact. You’ll be working with CEOs, Councillors, Directors and other influential people at every level of the council and within our partner networks. You’ll be providing challenge, insight and thought leadership to encourage innovation and dynamism across the entire business.

I am very proud of our service and the great work we are doing. Within this team you can achieve for yourself, as well as for our residents. I am looking for collaborators, influencers, innovators, game-changers and change-makers, people who can operate well in varied and complicated landscapes, people who build on our strengths to create a better future for Southwark.

Join us and help to empower tomorrow’s Southwark through data-driven excellence, a coherent framework of policy and strategy, collaborative working, innovation and lasting partnerships. Please apply now if you wish to join our busy team and help shape the future of Southwark.

Tricia Boahene

Tricia Boahene, Head of Strategy and Impact